Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Well again, it's been a few weeks, but I did want to tell you more from our trip. On Monday, our last full day, a sibling group was brought in. A little girl, 5 and boy 3, I wasn't able to spend much time with them since Lourdesmia (one of the Nannies) was braiding my hair, but they are beautiful children. I could hear them crying as their parents were filling out the paperwork and the nannies had taken them upstairs. It's so hard to imagine what goes through their little minds. It was hard for them, but when it came time to eat, boy did they eat. The other's on the trip said they ate everything. It was obvious they were sooo hungry. Their little legs and arms were so skinny. I'm sure they have settled in nicely by now to the routine of the "O", but if you think of it you could pray for them that they will feel safe and secure in this new environment.

We were able to go to the Baptist Mission and Wings of Hope on this trip. We didn't tour the mission but did get to eat a hamburger and french fries and shop in their little gift shop, which was a nice treat and the view from the mission was incredible. Wings is a facility similar to St. Joseph's, were we stayed, only they care for disabled children. It is a wonderful facility!! Unfortunately, in Haiti, disabled children are thought to be demonic, so for the most part they are shunned. Wings is taking in those children and giving them a home to grow and develop. They have school, physical therapy, occupational therapy and massage therapy and have been able to see progress from these precious ones. Carolyn who has been at the "O", was preparing to move to Wings during our stay. It will be a wonderful place for her to develop more so than she could at the "O" with all that will be available to her.

The boys at St. Joseph's performed their dance theatre for us on Friday night and it was phenomenal. They perform in the states so if you ever get a chance to see it, do. It is called St. Joseph's Resurrection Dance Theatre. The boys are awesome and it brought tears to my eyes watching them perform so proudly, knowing some of them came from slavery, where they were beaten and severely mistreated, some from the street, where they had nothing and had to fight for everything, but now have a home where they are learning and growing into young men with a bright future. During the show there was a delay due to a storm that blew in. The theatre is performed on a level of St. Joseph's that is under roof but open all around. Jeremy and I were sitting on the front row with Noah and Asnica but we were over in the corner with only plants blocking us and we were soaked, water was actually rolling down our backs. The floor was so wet they had to stop dancing for safety so the boys wouldn't fall. It opened the opportunity, though, for Michael to share more of their testimony and what God has done at St. Joseph's and Wings. All in all even soaked it was an awesome night. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening!! The storm just added a little more excitement!!

The trip was a huge success!! I am so thrilled I was able to share this experience with such an awesome group of people. I believe God isn't finished with the trip yet. I am expecting to hear of life changing testimonies from those who were able to go. Everyone went with such open hearts and a willingness to work. I know God will reward them for their efforts and who knows who may end up someday opening their hearts and homes to one of the precious children of Haiti. I pray our adoption is the beginning of many we are able to see!!

While in Haiti we did get good news concerning adoptions in general. To make a long, detailed story short, people are being replaced and processes are changing that should make adoptions smoother and possibly shorter for those in the future. That is a wonderful thing!!! We don't have any news specifically yet, but are believing God to bring Noah home soon, where he belongs!

Love to you all!!!