Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mia loves to get married.

Some of you may remember she married Steve when she was at the Orphanage. Well, she got married again the other night, but, unfortunately, her fiance was M.I.A. She did not let that stop her. The show must go on.....

Bridesmaid ~ Hope
Maid of Honor ~ Alexis
Blushing Bride ~ Mia
The bouquet toss!
Mia sang Shout to the Lord!Alexis explaining which finger the ring goes on. Thankfully, Mia had a ring ready. It could have been a disaster, well with the groom missing and all. That's some great planifications if you ask me. Camden recited a couple of poems. Notice he dressed up for the occasion!

There was also a scripture reading by the Mother of the Bride, but the photographer failed to capture it. In attendance were the Father of the Bride, Sister of the Bride,
and two Dogs of the Bride.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Thank you, Megan and Stacy!!

We love Skype!! We love Megan and Stacy!! We love talking to our son!! Saturday morning we were finally able to Skype with Noah with the whole family present! As you can see in this first photo he looks a little confused. This skype stuff is hard for a kid to understand. He was quiet and not too smiley. However, once they gave him a telephone, he put it up to his ear and began to talk up a storm and as you can see was quite happy. It was so funny! He wouldn't talk to us without the phone to his ear. We were cracking up!

He and Mia had the same conversation about 4 times. It went a little something like this....

Mia: "Alo, Noah!"

Noah: "Alo!"

Mia: "Koman ou ye?" (How are you?)

Noah: "Byen!" (Well)

Mia: "W'ap vin lakay mwen?" (You coming to my house?)

Noah: "Wi!" (Yes!)

Mia: "Mwen sonje ou, Noah, anpil, anpil!" (I miss you, Noah, very much!)

Noah: "Mwen sonje ou tou!" (I miss you too!)

Then Hope adds in English with beautiful expression, "Noah, I miss you so much!"

The other kids knew he didn't speak English so they just watched and listened and enjoyed seeing their brother talk on the phone. ; ) He also played with a camera for a while and looked amazed that I had three cameras. ; ) So Megan and Stacy suggested we get him a phone, camera, and a big wheel. We've made a list, and as many of you know that list includes cheese puffs!! ; )

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thank you, Todd,

for some new pictures! I'm so blessed!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Settling in....

From what I hear Noah is doing great! He is settling in to the routine of the O nicely. There have been so many changes since he was there last, I'm sure he was thinking, "wait a minute. Is this the right place?" ; ) Todd Burnett has been at the O to pick up Jonas and fly home TOMORROW!!! I hope to have some new pics of Noah to post after he gets home! Todd sent me a messaging saying, "ur son is amazing." Well, of course he is, Todd! ; )

Many have asked, "what now?" so I wanted to update you a little. Noah's adoption is complete on the Haitian side. He is Wilbert Theophin Cundiff. By Haitian law he is our son! Praise the LORD!!! All we need is his visa. We are praying this last step will move quickly and our son will finally be home where he belongs!

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and well wishes! We are so humbled by the number of people who have been praying for us and for our son! Our God is faithful to His word! We stand in awe and continue to praise Him for ALL He has done!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The details....

It's Saturday morning, 10:02am and the phone rings. Caller ID says it's Gretchen, so I answer not having any idea what would follow.

"Michelle, the dad called Jimmy this morning and said he was ready. Jimmy is going to get him!"

"REALLY?!?!?!" followed by sobs, tears, and "Oh my gosh!"

More sobs, tears, and "Oh my gosh!"

I'm sure Gretchen was talking through some of this, but honestly I have no idea what she was saying. Sorry Gretchen!

She finally says, realizing I'm hysterical, "Ok, I'm going to let you go. You let this sink in and I'll let you know as soon as I hear something."

Sobbing, "Ok."

"Michelle, I think this is what you have been praying for."

"Oh my gosh. Ok."

I hang up the phone and run upstairs to Jeremy, who is in the shower.

Still sobbing, "Honey. Jeremy."

He opens the door with this look like, "oh honey, what's wrong?"

Sobbing I tell him of our conversation, if that's what you want to call it. ;) He reaches out, dripping wet, and pulls me to him and we begin to thank the Lord for what we fully hope is happening.

Sneaky Camden opens the door on the verge of tears, "Mom, does this mean Noah's coming home?"

We didn't want to tell the kids until we knew he was at the Orphanage. So I replied, "Well, his dad says he still wants us to adopt him." We've had too many instances of thinking things would go one way and they went completely different, so we hoped to spare them of any more tears.
In no time at all, Mia was behind Camden, asking as well. We only told them, at this point, that Jimmy had seen a picture of Noah and his dad was saying he still wanted us to be his family, and off to Jordyn's basketball game we went, trying to act normal(well, normal for us).

11:00am goes by
12:00pm goes by
1:00pm yep, goes by
2:00pm goes by
2:16pm I text Gretchen, "Nothing?"
3:42pm "Talked to Megan Jimmy's not back yet."
3:43pm "K, thanks!!"
4:18pm "Jimmy says he is getting him right now. ?"
4:18pm "Ok!!!???"
4:31pm Gretchen calls, but Jimmy's still not back.
6:04pm Gretchen calls to say she can't get through, but promises to keep trying
6:10pm Gretchen: "Michelle, I just talked to him on the phone."

We talked details with a few interuptions here and there of me saying, "Wait a minute, wait a minute, he's there?!?!" Gretchen would excitedly responded, "Yes, he's there!"

I told Jeremy and a few minutes later we let the kids know. Jeremy says to Camden, "Well, buddy, are you ready to move to the top bunk?" Camden simply bowed his head with silent tears, followed by a slight nod. We immediately came together and prayed. We thanked our Lord for this miracle and asked Him to bring Noah home soon. Everyone was so excited. About 20 minutes later Mia comes to me, buries her head in my neck and crying says, "Jesus, bring him home."

Needless to say, our evening was filled with tears, laughter, great joy and rejoicing, phone calls, texting, blog posting, and e-mails. Thanks to our wonderful Megan who is serving at Angel House currently, we received pictures with a simple message, "He is really here!" Thank you, Megan! You have been so great!!!

A little while later I was able to call and put him on speaker phone. We talked with him for 20 minutes! He sounded so great!! He said, "Alo, Manman!" (Hello, Mama!) Then a few minutes later he said, "Ki kote Papa'm?" (Where's my Papa?) It was such an amazing phone call, mostly spent telling each other, "I love you. I miss you." He asked to speak with Mia too. She was pretty excited and even got to talk to one of her favorite nannies. When I talked to the nanny she said they were so happy and simply kept saying, "Mesi, Jezi. Mesi, Jezi, mesi!" And of course I responded, "Yes, mesi, Jezi, mesi!"

This is during our conversation. I think he looks kind of happy and TOOTHLESS!!

Somehow we finally were able to get to sleep that night, but woke up with the same smiles on our faces and a thankful heart for what the Lord had done! Please continue to rejoice with us! Our God is so good and faithful to all generations!! We continue to trust Him completely with the completion of this miracle! Praise the Lord!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009