Tuesday, August 26, 2008

You might remember....

....a little while ago I posted about a site my husband, Jeremy, had created. It was our desire to provide a site that would provide as much information as possible to help people like us with their adoption process. When we began our process, it started with a good year of research. If we could provide most of that information in one site, we felt that would be a blessing to many, and, hopefully, it would encourage more families to adopt.

In my husband's typical humble fashion, he deleted my post. He didn't want the attention brought to him, but I was proud of all the work he had put into it. So, I have asked if I could post about it again. Finally, he has agreed. We do not want any focus to be on us, but would love for you to take a look and pass on what we believe to be a great resource for international adoption.

Monday, August 18, 2008

While Jordy was away.....

As some of you know, our oldest daughter, Jordyn, was in Florida with a friend for a week. Well, while she was away the fun times didn't stop. I will say, though, that everyone cried when she left and we were jumping for joy upon her return.

We had fun, Jordy, but it still wasn't the same without you.

The Collins came over for a play day before school started. The kids had so much fun. Steven and Camden played really well together(sorry boys I didn't get a picture). As you can see, you can take the kids out of Haiti but you can't take Haiti out of the kids. ; ) They had a blast teaching Alexis how to wash clothes.

Madelyn went on a small adventure, but quickly decided it wasn't as fun as she anticipated.

Alexis and Mia got to have a girls' night out with Aunt Linda. I took their picture before they left for the CD signing of Mission 6. Such beautiful sisters aren't they? As you can see, I relaxed Mia's hair. I had no idea it would be so straight, but it is darling on her and she loves it!!

Hope is our little comic. She is always cracking us up with something she says or does. At the same time, she is just so beautiful. She is the queen at Crenglish right now. Things like...."M' pa cry" and "I'm grangou."
We are still picking. Hope LOVES to pick green beans, but doesn't LOVE eating them so much. We have picked grapes, made grape juice & jam, we picked apples and are planning to make apple butter, appie pies, and maybe stewed apples. I have 3 apple trees and they are loaded, so if you can make it with apples we are going to try. ; )

Jordyn was home, obviously, for this last shot. Fortunately, she made it in time for the apple picking or we would have never been able to reach those good ones. You know the ones that are higher than 4 feet. ; )

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Helpers!

Ali and Mia are my garden helpers. Occasionally they come in with the latest find! This was what they brought me a couple of weeks ago. They were so proud. We made some fabulous Zucchini Bread and it was a HUGE hit!
Hope helped me pick and break green beans the other night, but I didn't get any pictures. Other than the ends getting thrown in the bowl, she was a big helper! Camden helped a little too. I'm not sure what I would do without all my helpers! Thankfully my big helper, Jordyn, will be home from Florida tonight! We are all very excited around here awaiting her return!!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Have you ever watched 'RV'?

We took a weekend camping trip with my family. We are not campers, we as in Jeremy. ; ) I love to camp, him, not so much. He agreed because he knew I wanted to. I don't really know that you could call it camping. We borrowed an RV with ac and 3 televisions. Yep, you guessed it, we were really roughin' it. Here's a few pictures from our adventure.

Looks like a pro, huh?
Camden loved the front seat!
So much to see, so little time.
Meemaw and Camden skipping rocks.
Loren & Jordyn...a little too cool for playing in the water. ; )Ali surprised me! She was all about playing in that muddy water. Turns out Princesses really do like to play in lakes.
Camden and Haigen horse racing! I'm not sure who won.
Meemaw watching her babies play!
Papaw Doug found a little peace and quiet. Not sure how with 7 grandkids running around.
It's ok Rich, I think Mom can get it!Everyone loved the day on the boat! Well, Hope's a little nervous, but she ended up loving it.
Mia & Daddy tubin'!
Mommy & Hope jump in for a swim. Hope was happy as long as she was being held.
Uncle Richie watching the tubin' action.
T.T. & Ali showing off their tubin' tricks!
Uncle Brent looking for the perfect place to throw the tube in.
Mommy & Jordy comin in from tubin. We had a blast!
Hold on!!

It was a great weekend! As we were leaving Hope said, "Bye camping!" Mia is convinced we should do it again. Daddy, well, he's not so convinced!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Did you say busy???

Life is so busy these days. I promise to post more soon, but just haven't had the time.

We were blessed with a WONDERFUL visit with my friend, Angela (YouYou). She was here for almost two weeks and we loved having her. When she left, Mia said, "it's ok Mom. she'll be back." Thanks for coming and staying with us, guys! We miss you both!!