Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What matters to you?

I know there's so much talk right now about the economy and how this election will effect it, but as Christians we need to think about what matters to us. My Bible says, "My God shall supply all my need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus." I don't look to my President to make my finances better, I look to my God! I do, however, know that the Word also says, "When the righteous are in authority; the people rejoice." I'm not saying that either of these candidates are righteous or not, but I am saying before you vote, make sure you know what you are voting for!

I realize there are other candidates out there, but let's face it....it will come down to one of these.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

As promised...

As I said, our life has had many changes lately. Obviously, the girls came home. Then we decided to walk away from our partnership and Jeremy went to work for Frontier Kemper. After that, we decided to put the kids back in a traditional school environment. Needless to say, this has been quite a whirl wind, but we are all doing great!

Here's a few pictures for your enjoyment.

First day for Ali, Camden & Mia! They were really excited.
Mia got a little nervous, but she loved it!

Camden had homework on the first day. Welcome to school, buddy!

Mia, well, apparently first grade is hard work. It's a good thing she didn't have homework!

Can you tell Ali was a little happy being back in school? She came home stating she made 6 new friends.

Hope misses the kids, but she is settling in nicely to the idea of having me
all to herself for several hours.

Jordyn started school on Monday, returning to the Christian school she went to for K-3. She was pretty excited to be back with her friends. She had a great day!

Her first day happened to be "Crazy Hat Day" for the others. Ali wasn't quite ready to be "crazy" so she sported my "Forgiven" hat. She looks WAY better in it than I do. I hope everyone read it!

As for me, I'm trying to catch up on laundry, cleaning, and sorting through 5 kids worth of summer clothes as we prepare to pack them away and bring out the fall/winter supply. I hope to get to mine and Jeremy's soon, so I can stop dropping off at the bus in my bikini.
Sorry, no pictures! ; )

Thursday, October 16, 2008

still here.....

Just a quick note to say, "We are still here!" Sorry it's been so long since I posted last. I have lots of changes to tell you about, but time just doesn't allow. I hope to post soon! I hope you haven't given up on us!

Here's a couple of pictures to show how far Hope has come with Daisy. She used to just scream when Daisy was in the room. Now she does this......

She also said the other day, "I need a big doggy." My how far we've come!