Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Counting down!!! 13 days.....

Well, it's Tuesday, November 28th and I now have less than two weeks before I will be in Haiti. I'm trying to do a tremendous amount of Christmas Shopping right now, so my darling husband won't have to be concerned about it.....and so I won't have a ton to do after I get back(only 5 days before Christmas).

I'm looking forward to my arrival. I remember when we arrived in June Noah was mad at me, but I got some great reactions from the other kids and I can't wait for those smiles and hugs this time. Hopefully Noah will warm up quickly and not be too mad at me.

I plan on taking more pictures than I ever have. My camera is able to hold over 1000 pictures on the card Jeremy bought me and I plan on using most, if not all of them. I want to bring back sooooo many pictures for all the parents that are not going, as well as capture some great pictures of the kids still available, so when their families find them, I will have pictures for them. Pictures mean so much when you are so far away. It truly makes me feel like I'm not missing near as much. It's like I'm still able to see him growing and changing.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

He needs prayer.......

My poor darling husband....... Last night we went out to eat as a family and we were discussing my upcoming trip to Haiti. All of sudden he realized I was going to be gone for 9 days. I'm not sure how he has missed this fact. We've talked multiple times about when I'm leaving and when I'm returning. He "supposedly" reads my blog, which I specifically have the dates in my previous post and say I will be with Noah for 8 whole days!! All I know is you should have seen the look on his face when he realized this small detail. It was sad. Poor guy. In fact he even mentioned that he thought I wasn't even going to be gone a full week. So anyway he needs prayer, not because he missed this info but because he will be with the children for that long without any you know what...............oh just pray he doesn't kill them.

LOL!!! Sorry I couldn't resist Hon! I love you and thanks for letting me go!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

M'ap ale Haiti!!!

I am sooooo excited to report, to those of you who don't know yet, that I am going to Haiti again!!! YEAH!!!! I can't wait to go!! I will be traveling with my friend and fellow adopting parent, Angela and her mother-in-law. We leave December 10th and will return on the 19th. I can't wait to go!! Oh wait I said that already. Well did I say, I can't wait to go!! Oh yes I did. Ok well anyway, I'm so ready to see our boy again! I can tell from the pictures that he is getting so big and changing so much. I'm ready to hold him and love on him for 8 whole days!!!! Yes I do know how to add and subtract, it takes 2 days to get there. We leave the 10th but won't arrive until the 11th around 12:00.

I'm just as anxious to see my wonderful friend, Angela (aka YouYou). I'm so thankful God put her in our lives and I'm looking forward to spending some time with her, not via e-mail (though I'm thankful we do have that).

This trip will be unlike the others in a way, because this time I get to stay at the O. I'm really looking forward to being there with the kids in the evenings. Before, we were always back at St. Joe's by 5:00 to freshen up for dinner, so I always missed the evening routines and bedtime. I also am looking forward to having the extra time with all the kids. I love these kids and cherish the times of just sitting on the floor playing, singing songs, holding them......ah I can't wait!!

Also, I have taken on a new responsibility with Three Angels Children's Relief. They have asked me to be a Committee Board Member acting as the Missions Coordinator. I'm so excited to take this on. I love working with Gail and Gretchen and look forward to meeting and getting to know Joe and Shannon. We have exciting plans of more mission trips and are determined to continue improving the living conditions as well as plan fun activities for the kids. God is awesome in how he has used this adoption to not only bless our family with another child, but has connected us with Haiti and the amazing people there. I'm looking forward to fulfilling this role with His help. On this trip, I will begin to take notes and create lists of things that need done over the next year.

Thank you so much for all of your continued support and prayers! We love you all!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Fundraising Concert

The kids had this amazing concert last night to raise money for the adoption expenses. They sang songs, read stories, danced, Camden had a harmonica solo. It was a huge success, everyone loved it. I'll let the pictures speak for them selves.

The only problem was, we were the only ones invited. I'm still not sure how that has helped the Noah fund, but at any rate.......Great job kids!!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Passing time......

It always helps pass time when you stay busy, right? So we have been busy, busy, busy!!! We've recently stripped wallpaper in our downstairs bathroom and painted it, painted our entry, Jeremy built me a coffee table and end table (he's so handy), we went bowling with our friends, went shopping for winter coats for the kids and managed to go to church, homeschool and watch some football. This was all in one week. Do you think we are staying busy? I do!!

Bathroom Make-over!



So....... we can't wait to add our little guy to all this family fun!! We miss you Noah and can't wait to bring you home!!!

Nou renmen ou!! Nou manke ou tre anpil!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Just for fun.....The Cundiff's as we wait!!!

No updates at this time concerning the adoption so I thought I would post some pictures from, "The Cundiff's as we wait!!!"

This pictures were made available because my wonderful husband bought me this really cool camera for my birthday! Thanks, Hon!! I love it!!!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Pictures from the O

The Orphanage has created a blog for the parents to see new pictures periodically and possible little updates of the children. These two pictures were posted recently and I wanted to share them with you.

Noah and Jonas (AKAs Nowah & JoJo) Although it looks like Noah is telling Jonas to go away, he was actually trying to show JoJo where Angela was.

Playdoh time. This picture was taken yesterday morning. It's awesome to know what they are doing in their day.

Thank you Three Angels for creating the blog. I'm sure I speak for all the parents in saying, it truly helps as we wait to bring our children home!!