Saturday, December 30, 2006

Have I mentioned....I love this girl......

Her name..... Lourdesmia(pronounced Loodmia). She is amazing and in her short little five years has been given up by 2 mothers. You see when I went in March another woman on the trip told Lourdesmia she was going to adopt her. Lourdesmia loved this woman. Her face lit up when she came into the room. She had a "Mama Blanc". Well as I'm sure you have figured out it didn't work out and unfortunately Angela had to break the news to Lourdesmia. So for the second time her heart was broken and aching for the love of a mother. Despite this, she is an amazing little girl that still loves with everything she has.

She was my sidekick on this last trip. I probably have more video of her than Noah or at least close. She rarely left my side and when I had to do something without her.....well, let's just say she wasn't thrilled. Her sister Suterlande is a doll as well. She really opened up this time and every time I went to the nursery she came running with the biggest smile. Lourdesmia loves her sister too! She really watches out for her. It's so sweet to see.....

I would adopt them in a second if I could, but currently that's not possible. I pray for her all the time, and I pray their parents find them soon. They have been at the O for quite sometime now and Lourdesmia has seen many of her friends go home to new families. I can't imagine how her little heart must feel every time people come to the O. It does happen where people will come for a mission trip and leave parents. It's awesome when it happens and I'm sure in her mind she wonders if it will be her this time. However, I wonder, will she believe it or will she be afraid it won't work out, like the last time.

Lord, I ask you to send Lourdesmia's parents to her soon. Lord, mend her heart and prepare her for their arrival. Create in her a trusting that only You can create and allow her the unconditional love of a Mommy & Daddy.

Anyway, have I mentioned....I love this girl......

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

More from Haiti.....

Well, it's 4:38am and I can't sleep so I've been sorting pictures sending Snapfish albums and decided this would be the perfect time to post some new stuff from my trip.

I was so excited when I arrived at the O. Noah gave me this big smile and came running to me. This was much nicer than the trip in June when he remained mad at me for the first few days. We had a wonderful visit. Everyday, he would come in at recess and run straight to me for a hug. It was awesome! He has grown sooooo much. And talks.....and's so cute. I loved being able to understand him. Fortunately, I had learned enough Creole to make out most of what he was saying. OH, and he has the best stutter. I realize this may mean therapy in his future, but for some reason in Creole it's really cute.

I had a great visit with Angela. I am so thankful I was able to spend so much time with her. We had a great time, or at least this we did. I love watching her with the children. She truly loves them and it shows. It such a relief having her there. I know without a doubt the children are being cared for the best they can be. Thank you Angela for all you do! You are a blessing and I value our friendship more than you'll ever know. I miss you my friend!

One other aspect of my trip that I thoroughly enjoyed was meeting Elias, Angela's brother. He loved playing with the kids and when he wasn't playing with them, he was making planifications of when he could play with them again. We laughed so hard my stomach hurt. All I know is Mama & Papa Fairfield did an amazing job with these two. I hope to meet them someday as well. Oh, and Elias, Jeremy is still laughing at the Skip impersonation. He couldn't believe how much you sounded like him. Thanks for all your help so I could talk to Jeremy via your cool headset. It was great being able to hear his voice. I hope to introduce the two of you without the use of headsets or typing someday, but until then.....I'm writing for to tell you Hello! :)

Well, I think that's all for now. It's after 5: and I'm going to try and get some sleep before the kids wake up. Once again, I'll post more later......

Friday, December 22, 2006

Pictures from an amazing trip!!

"Hey this is my Papa on here."

You've heard of "smelly cat" right? Well, some of the kids might refer to Zimbolo as...."scary cat". In reality everyone was scared, the cat and the kids!

One amazing trip, one amazing girl......and I don't mean me.

The calm before the storm...... Noah isn't crazy about going to school. He seems so happy, but it's only moments before the storm hits.

Something doesn't look quite right here. Oh I know, the toenails on the bottom are not painted. Yep, that's what it is.

Slowly, slowly..... she's not looking ...... slowly...

Lord, send Lourdesmia a Mommy soon! I love this girl. That's all I know to say.....

I'll post more later.

Friday, December 15, 2006

In Haiti!

Well, I'm sitting here waiting for Elias (YouYou's brother) to fix the wonderful little set up I had been using to talk to Jeremy. So I thought I would post quickly. I'm having a ton of fun. The kids, of course, are all great. They have all grown so much. I love playing with them. We have really had a blast this week. I arrived on Monday and we have colored pictures, painted fingernails and continue to explain to the boys that polish is pa pou gason yo (not for boys). The girls have also "cooked" for me and it was very good. They have had so much fun playing with a new dish set. They loved it!! Lourdesmia said she fixed spaghetti pou tout moun (for everybody). I told her li bon (it's good). My Creole has improved thanks to the kids. Lourdesmia and Angela were my teachers today. Teaching me the names of animals as well as many other things. Hopefully I can continue to learn and know more next time. Today was funny....Angela all of sudden looked at me with those big eyes and said, "Ou pale Creole?" (You speak Creole?) I wanted to say, "what do you think I've been speaking all week, pig latin?" But I didn't I just said, yes, a little. It was so funny!

Well I'm going to quickly post this before we lose electricity. Love to all and I will post pictures soon.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Tomorrow's the Day!!!

Well, it has been a crazy couple of days. It's Saturday and I leave tomorrow. The enemy was attacking yesterday, but we triumph over him through Jesus, our Lord and Savior. I was making good time yesterday, finishing up some Christmas Shopping so I'm not overwhelmed with a bunch when I get back. I was meeting Jeremy for lunch and then going to head home and finish laundry and packing, when I received a call from my sister and she was crying..... My brother who turned 40 in May had a heart attack. All of sudden there were so many uncertainties all I could do was shake. So we sat in Los Bravos, Jeremy and I and the kids, held hands and Jeremy prayed. A calm and peace came over me and I knew it would all be ok. Well.....praise the Lord!!! My brother's heart cath went amazing and they didn't have to do anything. I believe the Lord answered our prayers and took care of it Himself!!
Thank You God!!! I'm so happy to know I can go to Haiti and enjoy being there without having to be concerned about my brother. Also, my brother had been making some poor choices, but through this has realized and already been telling one of his buddies that he needs to change his life. THANK YOU LORD!!!! Once again God turns what the enemy meant for harm into something good. Praise the Lord!!!

So now I'm taking this brief moment to say thank you for all your prayers over my trip. I'm back to full excitement and preparing! I love you all and I can't wait to post upon my return!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Still Counting Down........

Wow, time is going pretty quickly! I leave in less than a week and this time next week I will be preparing to board the plane for my flight to Haiti. I'm so ready to see our son, my friend, and all the kids, nannies, Jimmy, Nathan, Alix....... They have all become such a part of my life, though we are miles apart they are all in my thoughts and prayers daily.

I'm trying to take so much stuff. Today or tomorrow I will begin the whole packing, repacking thing of trying to fit as much as you possibly can with out going over 50 lbs. into a tote, but taking as many supplies as possible. Let the games begin!!! LOL!!! I have so many plans, too, for while I'm there. Just fun things I want to do with the kids. I am taking different colors of fingernail polish so I can take the older girls to my room and have a polishing party. I'm going to buy some Christmas coloring books and crayons for some down time of just coloring. A friend from church gave me a Sit-n-Spin to take, I can't wait to show them that. It's going to be so much fun. Of course I'll do some work too, but I'm really looking forward to just spending some quality time with the kids and taking some amazing pictures of them ALL.

Well I guess that's it for now. I have tons of work to do this week before I leave so Hi Ho Hi Ho, it's off to work I go......