Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bon Fet Mia 'm!!

Ok, so I'm a day late. We were out of town and I didn't get to put this on here until tonight! Yesterday was our beautiful Mia's birthday! Ali and I sang Happy Birthday to her(ok I realize she couldn't hear us but it made us feel like we were a part of her day) and we thought of her all day wishing we could be with her! Her birth certificate says she is now 5 years old. Happy Birthday my Mia!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Family United

It's amazing how time goes by. A year and a half has gone by since we decided to follow God's plan for our life and adopt Noah. In some ways it seems like it was only yesterday but in others it seems so long ago. Of course, during that long time, God brought us to our girls and for that we will always be thankful. Now we are all longing to be together.

Mia, Noah and Hope have become such a huge part of our lives, even though they don't live here. Jordyn, Alexis and Camden talk about them, pray for them and at times cry because they miss them, though they have never met. God has created in them a love for each other that is truly awesome. I remember coming home from one of our trips and the kids were crying. I asked what was wrong and Ali said, "we were hoping you were going to surprise us and bring Noah home." As a parent there are so many times that you want to give your kids everything they wish for and this was definitely one of those moments. Just recently Camden asked if "this time" I would be able to bring the kids home. I said, "No, but it won't be long buddy." Crocodile tears ran down his cheeks and he said, "I want them home." That made me cry too and all I could say was, "I do too, bub. I do too."

Kids are amazing. These siblings only "know" each other through videos and pictures, but there is a bond between them. Mia was so proud in February for knowing their names, including the dog (which I'm sure makes Jubilee very happy). Noah would work so hard at trying to say their names and Hope even attempted to learn them. Jordyn, Ali and Camden have made so many plans for when the kids come home. From who's sharing rooms to who's buckling who in seat belts. Often times I find myself imagining what it will be like. Picturing Mia and Ali playing dress up and performing their most recent production. I see Jordy reading stories to Hope like only a big sister could. As for Noah and Camden, I just see trouble, good old fashion brotherly trouble. I realize it won't be a fairy tale, but at any rate it will be our tale. A family isn't a fairy tale, but to me it's always wonderful. I am so thankful God thinks Jeremy and I are capable of raising these six amazing kids, though at times it is hard for us to imagine.

Currently there's no news to report. We are just a family of eight waiting to be a family united.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Thanks to an amazing friend of mine!!!!

The girls with their Mama. What a beautiful trio!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Good News!

Mia & Hope's birthmom had her DHS appointment yesterday and it went great! No DNA was required and she had a great interview. This is another step in catching the girls up with Noah. At DHS they are caught up, now hopefully in the next week or so we will find out they are caught up on the Haitian side as well. We know God has a plan and He has worked out so many details up to this point we are just amazed at all He has done. Praise the Lord!!

I would have posted a great picture of the girls with their mom, but our hard drive crashed and the pictures we took in December are now in Hard Drive Heaven..... :)