Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yearly Update

Does anyone even check this anymore? If so, here's your yearly update. It's been almost a year since I posted last. Needless to say the kids have grown a lot! We are heading to the two year mark of Noah being home and three for Mia and Hope this summer! Time is flying by!

Jordyn is 14 now! She had a wonderful year in 7th grade but decided after praying about it that she should homeschool. It has been such a joy having her home. She works hard, gets her school work done, and is such a helper! She is definitely a blessing to us! She loves music, baking, reading, and taking care of her puppy CeeCee. I thank God for her daily!

Alexis is 12 going on 16! ; ) She loves being in middle school. She is our goofball always making us laugh, but at the same time working on her princess skills. It's hard to be a princess and a goofball, but somehow she pulls it off. Ali loves all that's girly....painting fingernails, putting on make-up, matching outfits, doing hair....if it's girly she loves it! She is quite the social butterfly but also loves being home with us(which I love!) She too is such a blessing and I love watching her grow up as well as grow in the Lord!

Camden is 9 and I cannot believe how much he is growing! He had a wonderful year of baseball last year! It was his first year to play and he loved it! We played spring ball, All-Stars, and finished up with fall ball! He couldn't get enough! We were so proud of him and had a blast cheering him on! He continues to be a tendered hearted little guy. He cares about people and loves the Lord! One of his favorite songs is Look What the Lord Has Done!

Mia will be turning 9 in a little over a month and that is one detail that she is VERY aware of! ; ) She continues to mother Hope whenever possible, but at the same time I think she is finally learning that she can be a kid too! She adores praise and worship and you can almost always here her singing. She played congas for me at church for a little while and did great, but decided she missed Children's Church. She misses her Haitian family more lately than normal, but has learned that it is ok to talk about it. She loves them so much and wants to visit as soon as possible. She is all about drama! Not necessarily bad drama just drama. ; ) Dress up, make believe, pretend play...she loves it all!

Noah is 7! In two years time he has changed so much! He has grown inside and out! He also played baseball in the fall and loved it! He started in the Spring not knowing what baseball was and went to playing in the Fall and doing awesome! He seriously can throw the ball! His little arm is a ball launcher and he's a good hitter too! He loved playing but maybe not as much as the consession stand. ; ) The boy loves to eat! Sometimes a little too much, but considering his past, I can't say that I blame him. He has decided he will never move out. He plans to live with Jeremy and I forever. We'll see if that lasts when he turns....oh....let's say....13. For now though, we are all he wants and I love that!

Last but not least, we have Hope who is now a whole 6 years old! She is in Kindergarten and her English is so good they determined she did not need ESL. She might need speech, thanks to all the thumb sucking she did, but no ESL for her! She is a sweet girl and loves to pray. Anytime she finds out someone doesn't feel good she prays for them and says, "Mom, I said, 'by Jesus stripes you are healed.'" She doesn't care who is around she wants to pray! She loved going to the beach this summer and the picture pretty much sums up what she wanted to do.

One final note....Jordyn, Alexis, Camden, & Noah are currently involved in a fundraiser for Leve Project. Leve is an organization helping break the cycle of poverty in Haiti. They don't want to treat the symptoms, they bring a cure! The kids have surrendered their closets and for every $100 raised they must wear the same shirt one more day. They have now been wearing this shirt for 11 days and are up to 18 as of today. The goal is 30 days and they are making me so proud with their efforts! If you want to help them wear their shirts longer, go to Nothing to Wear Challenge and donate. Any amount helps push them closer to their goal!