Tuesday, February 27, 2007

M'ap ale!!

I'm counting down the days. I am pleased to say I have 48 days until I will be with my 3 Haitian beauties! This journey has been an incredible one. It has been full of ups and downs but I am extremely thankful for it. It's hard to be away from your children. I think some really don't "get it". If you've never adopted I'm sure it's hard to understand. During this process we have had people make comments to us that prove they don't get it. We've had some ask us if we are still going to do it since it has taken so long, others have said, "it seems like you were just there and you're going back?" I realized they didn't think of Noah or now Mia and Hope as "our" children. I think in their minds they are not ours until they are home. They don't realize the love you feel before you ever meet them. I remember not knowing who Noah was or where he was, but I already loved him. I would cry and pray for the Lord to watch over him, protect him and lead me to him. I couldn't even explain how I could feel this way let alone expect anyone else to understand it. Fortunately I came to realize it was because God gave me the love for Noah and now for Mia and Hope. It's not something you do in your own strength. I guess you could, but I wouldn't want to.

The day I met Noah felt like the day I met Camden

I had the same rush of emotion, the same love overflowing and the same tears running down my cheek. When I now hold Mia, I feel like I do when I hold Ali. The same feeling of joy and love. When I hold Hope, I feel like I do when I hold Jordyn. The same feeling of peace and pride. They don't feel different. I realize they do not look the same, they didn't come from mine or Jeremy's DNA, but they were conceived, it just happened to be in our hearts. Not a day or even an hour goes by that I don't miss them, wonder what they are doing, how they are doing or wonder if they know how much we love them. I heard the other day that Mia had a fever and I wanted so bad to be there with her, to hold her, to pray for her, to do all the things I do for the three I have at home. I know the day will come and I am anxiously awaiting that day, but until then I wish people truly realized what it feels like. Mia, Noah and Hope are as much our children to us as Jordyn, Ali and Camden are. They just happen to live in a different country.

So kiddos, I know you can't read this but sometimes posting makes me feel like I'm talking to you. I love you and I can't wait to be with you again!! 48 days and counting.......

Friday, February 23, 2007

Noah Wilbert Cundiff

Yes, he will sleep anywhere. It's funny, he actually makes this table look comfortable.

What a handsome boy!!

Ok, so we were taking pictures during church. Is that a bad thing?

My sweet boy.

Great friends!

"What, she's leaving?"

"Figures, I knew she would leave again."

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

LourdesMia Grace Cundiff

I think she is happy with her new family.

Isn't she lovely!

"Mom did my hair. Don't tell her but I think she needs more practice."

Look at this beautiful sunrise.

Mommy & Mia

Ready for bed.

See, I told you she was ready for bed.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Suterlande Hope Cundiff

Hope... "Hey, did everyone check out my new family?"

"It's exhausting getting my hair done. I think I'll just rest my eyes for a moment."


Papa says, "For a little more than a dollar a day, you could feed a child in need." Yes, he thinks she should be the next TA's posterchild.

I love you!

Mommy & Hope

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Time out!

If a time out always results in sleep, maybe a nap would fix the problem. I'm thinking it's a good possibility. More often than not at the O when the kids are in time out they fall asleep, especially mine. Now there is one of two things happening here, either Noah is tired and needs a nap and that's why he was being disorderly, or he is so distraught over getting in trouble, he just breaks down and eventually cries himself to sleep. Regardless, it's hilarious!! Every picture I have of him in time out he is asleep. Check out this latest video of Noah in time out. I'm glad I got this. To me, it's priceless.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

An amazing trip!!

Most of you know by now that I went to Haiti. I didn't post it because I was trying to surprise Angela. I think she was surprised, but my silence had her thinking I might be coming. However the look on her face was priceless!

This trip was extremely last minute. On Friday, January 26th I found out there was a possibility that I could be going. By Saturday I had a ticket and we left on February 2nd. I was so excited!! Some amazing friends gave me a ticket while others gave me spending money. They didn't know at the time, but I didn't have the cash on hand to go but the Lord provided and I was able to go tell the girls myself.

We arrived late Friday night, so I decided to wait and tell the girls on Saturday. I wanted to get it on video for their Papa. On Saturday morning I explained to Lourdesmia and Suterlande that we loved them and wanted to be there family. I ask her if she wanted this and she said, "Wi". There was very little reaction from her and I think it was because of the room full of people and camaras, she seemed a bit overwhelmed but as you can see by this picture I assumed she was happy.

Suterlande, being only 2, didn't react much either, however I was surprised by how quickly she figured it out. I was on the balcony of Angela's apartment and Suterlande had gone back into the nursury. The window in the nursery looks at the balcony. All of sudden I heard this tiny voice yelling, "Mama, Mama." Needless to say, she wasn't in there long, I ran to get her and she came running to me with an amazing smile.

I was a little concerned about Noah's reaction. Up until this point he had always had me to himself, well except for when he had to get past 30 other kids. :) Really though, we had been able to have lots of one on one time and I didn't know if he would be willing to share me. I believe, the Lord prepared his little heart and he was quite happy having sisters. Everytime I brought Suterlande in he would say, "Oh, Su, Oh, Su!" with this loving tone that melted me. As you can see by Sunday morning they were all happy with their newly formed family.

Through the week Noah and Mia had school so they would get ready, eat breakfast and come spend time with me before the bell rang. I think having Mia really helped Noah, he didn't cry but one time when it was time for school. Unlike times past when he cried everyday. When the bell rang they would give me a kiss and run off to school. They were together all the time and I loved seeing this relationship form.

While they were in school, it gave Hope and I chance to be together. After they left for school, I would go get her and keep her with me until I needed to get to work. She was so sweet. She has this precious little voice and a great smile. The more excited she gets the bigger the smile and the more her tongue sticks out. It's so funny. They all have their quirks, Noah with the stutter, Mia with the looks she can give with those big eyes, and Hope with her tongue. They are amazing kids and I'm so excited about bringing them all home.

I didn't get to meet their birth mom, which I hated, but Jean Nathan tried so hard. He was out all day trying to find her on Thursday. I did, however, get to meet Noah's mom, much to my surprise. I had never seen her before, so I was shocked when they came to tell me she was there. She didn't know I was there, she just happened to come by to drop off a paper. I gave her a photo album that I prepared for her and she agreed to get a picture taken, but she really wasn't interested in talking. She is a pretty woman and I'm glad I have this photo for Noah someday.

The Lord also worked it out and I was able to submit the I-600s for the girls in person at DHS. At beginning of the week, it didn't look possible, but we all prayed for favor with DHS and Gail decided that we would go and hope she would accept them. The meeting went great, and she accepted our I-600s and the parent appointment will be scheduled soon. I strongly believe this was one reason God worked it out for me to go. Because of this, we are one step closer to bringing all three home together.

The team that went was amazing! They worked so hard and a new family was formed. God continues to amaze me at the ripple effect that He has created from our adoption. There also was another anouncement of a family in this area adopting from TA's. So we are currently up to 11 kids coming to the Evansville area. That is one third of the kids currently at the Orphanage. All I know is God is awesome!!!!

I missed seeing the Superbowl with Jeremy, but we were able to go to a Hotel and watch via Satelite TV. I was beside myself with excitement. For those of you that don't know football is kind of a bid deal at our house. So I proudly watched the Colts win the Superbowl and continued to beam as they gave all the glory to God! Who would have thought that I would watch the Superbowl in Haiti, not I. I was totally prepared to miss it, but thrilled I didn't have to. I called Jeremy during and after the game so we could celebrate together.

Well many more things happened but I think this is all I will post for now. Obviously the best part for me was, enlarging my family. Mia talked to her Papa and sisters over the phone and she loved every minute of it. Chances are they didn't understand much but Mia thought it was great!! Thank you everyone for all your prayers and the many e-mails we have received congratulating us. We are excited at what God is doing and look forward to updating you on each step!