Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Noah, I haven't forgotten you!!

I realize the previous posts have been mostly about the girls. I haven't forgotten our Noah. I miss him. I miss everything about him. I can't wait to find out how he reacts to the news of his sisters. I have been praying for him, that God would prepare his heart. Hopefully he will step right in to the roll of little brother/big brother. I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I have a great little video of Mia and Noah playing in my room from my December trip. They were doing cartwheels on my bed. Noah would say Bravo, L-L-L-Lourdesmia, Bravo! It's so awesome how God worked without me knowing it. I didn't see it coming, though looking back I think I should have. I created a new picture page for him, with all of his family on it. He will get it after they watch the video.

I remember like it was yesterday, the day I met Noah. He was so quiet for days. He would just sit on my lap and watch everything. He was afraid of my video camera. To tape him, I had to sit it on the dresser and hope we were in the picture. Not anymore, he's all about showing off for the camera now. I have really seen him come out of his shell and I would love to take the credit for that, but it wasn't me. I truly believe it was from the love he receives from, of course the nannies, but mostly from Angela. The love and attention she gives these kids have really affected them in a wonderful way. So many of them have gained confidence and opened up over the course of the last ten months and I'm convinced they wouldn't all have done that without her. So again, thank you Angela!! Noah though a tad spoiled(still laughing over the vaccinations video, "YouYou, YouYou!!!", is an amazing little guy and it's because of you allowing God to work through you and literally pouring the love of God in these kids.

I am leading a trip in April and I'm trying so hard to figure out how to do all I need to, but also spend time with my kiddos. I have decided I will stay at the O, because, honestly, I'm not brave enough to take all three to St. Joe's and try to manage them on my own. Yes I realize I have three children now and have had lots of practice, but here I have the help of speaking the same language fluently, I have toys, gadgets and let's not forget electricity. So yeah, I'm not leaving the O. Maybe for a visit, but then it's right back to my safe haven of nannies helping me. LOL!!! Jeremy keeps saying, "So now we get to bring one of the nannies home too, right?" I would in a second, but picking just one would be hard. I have sooooo many favorites and I'm thinking it would be illegal. Oh well, it's a wonderful thought.

So anyway, Noah I haven't forgotten you. I love you so much and I can't wait to see you again!!!!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

This time next week.....

This time next week our girls will know all about our plan to adopt them. We are working on a video of the family to send with the group that is going next week. Lourdesmia and Noah have seen pictures of the kids, but we thought a video would be good for them to see. They are planning to use their limited Creole to talk to them and I am planning to tell them we want to be their family and ask if they want that too. It's all going to be video taped so Jeremy, the kids and I can all see how they react to the news. I've been praying that the Lord will prepare the hearts of all three of them. Noah is used to having me to himself, however the last time, we had Lourdesmia come in my room and play too. I can see how God was working already.

I have been so amazed by this whole adoption journey. God has worked in such incredible ways. The way He led us to Noah, the ripple effect that has occurred here in the Evansville area, the relationships that have formed and been strengthened, the provision we have all experienced, and now this with Lourdesmia and Suterlande. We are in awe!! The details have been coming together in a way that only God could do. You know the scripture that says, "with men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." There have been situations in the course of all of this that fit this scripture to the tee, but God has a plan and He called us to this. 1 Thessalonians 5:24 says "He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it." Also in Psalm 37:5 it says, "Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He will bring it to pass." So that's where we are, we are committed, trusting and believing He will bring it to pass.

We are so excited to see what God has in store for our family. We are still a little overwhelmed that God saw fit to bless us with 6 amazing kids. We pray we are able to raise them to become the Godly men and women He created them to be. I know with His help, we can. Thank you all for being so supportive. We have truly enjoyed hearing from each one of you and appreciate the many words of encouragement.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Well, where do I begin?

You know how sometimes when we are in the middle of something it's hard to see what God is doing, then all of sudden you get one of those, "oh my gosh, I see it" moments. Well this is exactly what happened to Jeremy and I this past weekend. I'm not going to go through all the details of the weekend except to say, it involved some time with our Heavenly Father seeking His will for our life and the lives of two precious girls.

As most of you know the adoption of Noah has been one of waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting, and for me many times of "Lord, I don't get it, what is going on?" If I knew all of the issues that had risen were for a purpose it would be easier, but I never would get any answers just a simple, "Trust Me." So trusting we have, in hopes that at some point it would all make more sense.

Well on Sunday January 21st, the Lord made it clear to us one possible reason for the waiting. He revealed to us through a series of events and prayer times that Lourdesmia and Suterlande were to be our girls. Yes you heard right! We have decided, no I should say we have agreed, the Lord decided, to adopt Lourdesmia and Suterlande the girls I posted about a few weeks ago in my Have I mentioned I love this girl post. We are in a whirlwind of planifications and have swiftly began to work on changing some of our paperwork to bring our girls home. God had a plan and it may seem like a crazy plan but to us it's a great plan. Our God is awesome!!!

So first I would like to introduce you, to Lourdesmia Grace Cundiff, AKA Mia.

Next, I would like to introduce you to Suterlande Hope Cundiff, AKA Hope.

On April 16th I will arrive at Three Angels and will be greeted by my Noah, Mia and Hope and I can't wait to see how I will manage. I will be out numbered but overjoyed!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Poor guy!

I know what you're thinking, he looks happy. Well, don't be shocked, but he really isn't. LOL!! Obviously, a little sarcasm. Sorry!

This was Noah's reaction to his first ever immunization. All I have to say is, Angela(YouYou), better you than me. Just kidding, however, I have to admit I was dreading all the pokes he will get when he gets home. Hopefully this will eliminate a few of those. Sorry, my little man, I wish I could have been there to hug you when it was all over.

Monday, January 15, 2007


I'm not sure what to post. I have blogger's block. Apparently it's contagious, thanks Miss Fairfield. So how about some more pictures from my trip in December.

Daddy's little girl!

Special moments between a Father and son.



"I'm a miracle girl!!"

Natasha and Suterlande playing.

"Didn't our Mama do a great job buying us Church clothes?"

Friday, January 05, 2007

I've got peace like a river.....

Do you remember the old hymn, I've got peace like a river? That's how I finally feel. As many of you know, this adoption has had many bends and a very slow current, but I can finally say I have total peace. I have NO idea when Noah will get to come home, but I have totally put it in God's hands and I have peace.

I thought I had put it in His hands before, but in reality I had put it in His hands as long as He would do it the way I wanted. When it wasn't happening I thought I had failed or that I hadn't had enough faith to get it done. Really, I just was asking for Him to do it my way and never once took into consideration that He might have a plan greater than mine. Imagine that!

I realize that as a parent we should want our children with us. We should miss them. We should pray that the adoptions would process quickly, but all in all we should just trust. Trust that if it doesn't happen quickly then there must be a plan that we don't see. There must be a reason. When we try to control things or get them done our way, then that puts things in our hands. When we turn it over to Him COMPLETELY, it is then and only then in His hands. It can't be in both. For the first time in this adoption I have completely put it in His hands. I continue to pray for the adoption process and for the various government employees, both US & Haitian, to have wisdom and a desire to do their jobs well, as well as to have a heart for the children and want to see them home with their families. This obviously would be for the good of all Haitian adoptions not just Noah's.

Don't get me wrong, I want him home. I wanted him home months ago. I miss him everyday!! I miss his little laugh, his quirky run, his eyes, and the look on his face when he would come inside during recess and see me across the room, the way he would call to me saying Mama and if I didn't answer he would then say Meeshell. I think if you have never adopted you don't realize the connection. Many people think of it in terms of when he gets home he will be our son, but he became our son the moment the Lord began to lead us to adopt. I remember telling Jeremy I didn't understand how I could feel a love for someone I didn't know, but that is how I felt. When God spoke to my heart about adoption He deposited a love at that moment for Noah that was unexplainable. He is just as much our son as Camden is, he just happens to live in a different country. Jeremy and I both miss him and want him home, but we know without a doubt that God has a plan. Whether Noah comes home tomorrow or five years from now nothing has changed. He is and forever will be our son! God led us to him. God called us to adopt him. God will see it to completion. It will be in His timing and it will be perfect!

A great friend of mine that is also adopting from Haiti said yesterday, "when God called me to this, He said to make her mine, He didn't give me a time." This is so true!! He promised us nothing, except that He was going to deliver our Noah from his destruction. He didn't say it would be fast. He didn't say it would be easy. He didn't say anymore than that. He didn't tell me this road would be one that would change my life in more ways than I ever imagined. He didn't tell me I would fall in love with a little country that I wasn't even sure of where it was at first. He didn't tell me that I would have such joy every time I traveled there. He didn't tell me I would love every child that I came into contact with and would fight for their right to have a great life. He didn't tell me I would become a different person in the midst of all this. He didn't tell me our adoption would start a ripple effect and would allow Him to work in ways that we never dreamed. He didn't tell me any of this, and if He had, maybe it would have scared me. I don't care that He didn't tell me, I'm just thankful that He did it!

Someone ask me the other day how my trip was, I said "oh it was great. I love being there." He said, "Really?" with this great look of such surprise. I said, "Absolutely. I would go once a month if I could." God has given me such a heart for those kids that when I'm away I miss them so much, all of them. I am so thankful that there are several coming to this area, so I can see them grow up and be a part of their lives after they are home. And not just the kids, I love the staff of Angel House, they truly are amazing people. Jeremy and I now have six adult Haitian children. LOL!!

I'm sorry. I know this has been a long post, but I wanted to report there's nothing new, currently, with regards to the process, except that I've got peace like a river!! Thank You Lord!!