Thursday, January 14, 2010

Earthquake Update.....

This picture is of the Caribbean Market we have walked to on numerous occasions.

Good morning, everyone. It's so hard sitting here in my comfortable home watching as so many of my friends and loved ones are suffering and possibly dying. I continue to trust in the Lord that He will strengthen, encourage, protect and deliver them!

The orphanage complex has suffered damage. The outside walls are all down, things inside the Orphanage are a mess, furniture turned over, stuff everywhere. I was fortunate enough to "talk" with Megan this morning on Facebook and she said, "it really is amazing. out of all the missionary families and other orphanages we've checked, everyone seems pretty okay and yet, you walk down the street and there are dead bodies lined up... i went into the O yesterday, i was amazed no one was hurt" It is obvious the Lord was watching over our little ones.

Currently, the staff is taking care of the kids at a nearby school, Quescaya Christian School, along with Abbey a volunteer that had been homeschooling the kids in the afternoon. Please pray for her, this is by far more than she planned for, more than anyone planned for. We do have some food at the complex so the cooks are preparing it and delivering it to the kids at the school.

There is a small group of four heading down tomorrow, our beloved Dr. Jack, a structural engineer, our fearless leader Gretchen, and an adoptive parent. They will be assessing the damage, the safety of moving the children back home, and simply caring for the kids, our neighbors and families of our employees. I say simply, but nothing in Haiti was simple before... let alone now. Please pray for them! They will need protection, strength, endurance, peace, and wisdom.

If you haven't already, please consider donating. Three Angels as well as many other organizations need your help!

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angela said...

i can't stop crying. but isn't our God amazing?